Wrestling Ends in State Championships; Preps For Next Year

With the wrestling season meeting its end in mid-February students look back at the mat to remember all they have accomplished.


The Cowboys were able to host several duels against other schools giving each competing wrestler the opportunity to test their limits and improve on their technique.


“The overall growth is huge. Our athletes have come so far,” said Daegen Herren, junior.


On January 19th, the boy’s wrestling team was able to host their senior night against the Carbon Dinos. The Cowboys won their duel ending their senior night with a score of 55-21.


“Wrestling has taught me how to keep my cool… most of the time,” said Brody Ware, senior


Later in the season, the girls’ team competed in their division tournament hoping to move on to the state competition. The girl’s team had a well-fought run with 22 of their 26 wrestlers placing in the top six of their event.


“These young ladies are building a sport. Girls wrestling is relatively young as a sport. The girls on our wrestling team have become ambassadors for the school and community of Grantsville and ambassadors for the sport of girls wrestling,” said Matthew Mechum, head girls coach.


Out of the 22 wrestlers, 4 were able to win their division event, those being: Sophia Camargo, Courtney Mecham, Hailey Broderick, and Nikki Dong.


“It feels amazing to be division champion! I’m so grateful that I’ve done so well this season and I couldn’t do that without my team and my coaches. It’s surreal that we are already at the end of the season again,” said Broderick.


Both teams qualified for state with the boy’s team only taking 13 wrestlers and one alternate.


“I hope we go out selfless and wrestle for each other,” said Payton Yates, junior.


The state competition was held on February 14-16 in Richfield. The girl’s team was able to bring home the gold winning the championship with 274 points, 91 points above second place.


“Last year was nothing compared to this year. The competition this year was extremely tough, but all the practices and amazing coaches made it all happen. I couldn’t have done it without them in my corner and my teammates by my side. This year has been so fun. and our team as a whole has been so good,” said Dong, junior.


With the season’s close fans will have to wait until next year to see their favorite players return to the mat.