Upperclassmen Squirt Gun Assassin



Gaige Kimber, junior, just tagged out Trenton Evans, senior in the glames.

Upperclassmen assassin is a game hosted by the sophomore class officers. This is a squirt gun game where you try to spray each other with squirt guns without getting sprayed yourself every week you must survive without getting shot and you must shoot someone. Every week the sophomore class officers send out the hit list. It looks something like this.





In this example Joe is trying to shoot Matt without getting shot by Tylie. Once Joe shoots Matt he can try to shoot Alex but is not required to shoot him it is now optional or he can choose to survive instead.

At the end of each week the sophomores give a new hit list.

Other rules are not shooting people during school or ten mins before or after school

No shooting people ten mins before or after work, church, gym, and school activities the students are required to go to.

The purge happens when the sophomores decide that there has not been enough kills this week so they enact the purge. During the purge anybody can shoot anybody so no one is safe.