Are We Ready For A Lockdown?

Are We Ready For A Lockdown?

Ever since students can remember, they have practiced different drills to prepare for different emergency situations such as fire, earthquake, and lockdown drills. Every student has been trained in the procedures for a lockdown, however, what may students not know about a lockdown?  


Students know to stay quiet and out of sight. But what about afterward? Do students just catch the bus or get in their cars to go home like a regular day after the police have accounted for everyone? To answer this question, students will be picked up by parents at the reunification point once it is safe. But what is a reunification point? 


“The purpose of the reunification point is if it is unsafe to be here, there needs to be someplace for your parents to come to meet you guys,” said Mark Thornton, assistant principal. “Reunification points kind of depend more on what the situation is and how much of the area is closed down.”


Reunification points are primarily the Junior high school or the church next to the high school, however, depending on the situation at hand the reunification point could be altered.


Steven Winget, freshman, feels prepared that there is a plan in place with a safe place to get to afterward. However, after learning what a reunification point is for the first time Winget said,


“I feel like they should make that more known because it seems like a very important thing to know.” 


Brooklyn Davis, junior, said she feels prepared for the basics but doesn’t think she knows everything. Davis is appreciative of the school’s precautions regarding the new locked doors policies even if it is very annoying at times. 


For CLC students or those who were closer to an exit and evacuated, it is advised to notify parents and let the school know to be accounted for. For students in the building, following the directions of teachers and police officers is essential.